What is Hex Heroes?

Hex Heroes is a multiplayer real time strategy game for Wii U where up to 4 players share the TV harvesting resources, building structures, fending off enemies, and exploring dangerous territories while another player uses the gamepad to manage resources and teammates, make executive decisions, and survey the land from a bird’s eye view.

Mashing Genres

The idea behind Hex Heroes can be a little hard to visualize. For fans of the RTS genre, imagine playing a classic game like Warcraft or Age of Empires – you have the world at your fingertips and units to command and a city to build and fortify by using the gamepad. Those units, however, are your teammates on the couch, and they play on the TV in split screen, helping you carry out the decisions you make. It’s going to take a lot of cooperation between the 5 of you to strategize and succeed, but that’s exactly where the fun is. The party aspect derives from the chaos and shenanigans that are likely to ensue, but when you combine your strengths and different viewpoints, we’re certain you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment – assuming you’ve not ruined friendships along the way.

8 Classes!

When starting a match or mission, TV players will have the ability to choose 2 classes to play at once, having the ability to swap out on the fly. Like range and stealth? Then go with the Rogue/Archer combo. Have a taste for full on support? Match up the Woodcutter and Scout. Want to be a well rounded team player? Go Knight/Woodcutter.

Having 8 classes let’s up to 4 players on the TV be unique if they want. Finding your strengths with given classes will come in time, and knowing how your whole team functions will serve you well when deciding to assemble your crew. It’s all about balance and strategy. We want teams to really think about a playstyle before hitting the battlefield, and 8 classes makes the possibilities almost unlimited!

Monster ConceptsAll Ages

We’re developing Hex Heroes with all ages in mind. This is going to be a game where the core can become really skilled with their class combo and take their strategies to the online battlefields. It’s also going to be a game where your little brother/sister/son/daughter can play on the TV hacking and slashing and helping you out on the gamepad. WIth the gamepad and asymmetric gameplay, Hex Heroes will be able to cater to all levels of skills and will have something for everyone. We’re core gamers at heart, but with the Wii U, we’ve been able to include our family or friends that aren’t as skilled and have just as much fun – we’re looking to replicate that feeling.

The Art Style

We take our visual quality very seriously and when it comes to games, we like style. The board game feel was inspired by our desire to keep things simple, yet complex. Little model figurines may look simple on the surface, but they’ll move and feel like they’re alive. With a hand-painted appearance, we want to capture an experience of playing a living board game! We’re no slouches in the art department, and we’re proud to deliver something that looks as good as it will play.

Barracks Concept ArtThe Soundtrack

Hex Heroes’ little figurines and magical lands are all about taking us back to playing with toys as kids. Who better to score our game than the composer who scored much of our childhood gaming, Grant Kirkhope. With such memorable adventures as Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, to more epic ones like Kingdoms of Amalur, we’re wanting to strike a harmonious medium. We’re absolutely thrilled to have Grant on board, and we hope our game’s soundtrack will find a cozy little spot in your memories alongside Banjo and Kong. Have a listen!

Music of Grant Kirkhope